A Candle Burns for the Fallen


Edmond Eugene Smith III

Panel W14, Line 96

September 15, 1950 – February 3, 1970

Lost in Quang Nam, South Viet Nam

So little is left of you. Your parents who adored you, gone. Your favorite cousin, my father, who was over the moon about you, gone.

I sit in my living room, sipping tea, listening to the birds chatter as the sunlight drips in through my window and hold your picture. I’ve stared at it many times over the years, wished you could step out of the page, be vibrant and alive as your smile. How I wish I had known you, that you could be here sitting with me, my favorite cousin. To hear the laugh my dad could not get enough of, to hear the tales of all the fun you used to have. To think that Daddy was your hero…and now, you are mine.

Today, I will worship God as I see fit. I will dress in the way that suits me. I will walk out my door and go where I will, work or stay home, because that is my choice. I will share my opinions about our political state and look forward to exercising my right to vote…all this and more in the great land that we call home because of men and women like you who gave me this home.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, Eddie.

Not a drop will be wasted.

Not a breath will be forgotten.

Not a name will be erased.

I light a candle for you…for all of you…

It will burn in my heart…until we meet on the other side.

God bless you.


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