The Big Easy Writing Process Blog Tour Continues!


Greetings to all who have joined me on the journey of “All the Little Things,” or who are interested in the adventure of writing. The very talented Skye Taylor, author of Falling for Zoe, invited me to join the tour and here I am!  This is my opportunity to share a bit more with you about what the writing process means for me. It might help you to understand what authors are all about and give you some helpful tips along the way!

1) What am I working on?

Ha! The question should be, “What aren’t you working on?” Currently, I have a story underway in the Little Bit of Upstate Romance Series, a collection of eight novels that hasn’t been slated for release yet, and tells the tale of a paraplegic and the physical trainer who is swept off her feet from day one in Wheels Instead of Wings. Miracle on Mayberry Street is another in the works in this series, following a young lawyer whose wife commits suicide and the physical therapist who helps him pick up the pieces. Chasing Fireflies is another emotional journey that follows a young man, his wife who is dying of cancer, and the young woman that his wife picks to be his next partner. Beyond that, there are many other novels that are waiting in the wings. Lightning Can Strike Twice comes out in September and Adirondack Sundown follows in early 2015.


2) How does my work differ from others from its genre?

I depart from the typical romance formula in that I focus on the leading man most of all. The others are important and there will always be a heroine, but my knights have fallen off their horse and need a hand getting back up. They’re struggling with personal demons, emotional upheaval, and tragedy. However, they always demonstrate strength of character. They are the guys your mother would want you to bring home or how they would like their sons to turn out. I also focus on small town, because that’s what I’m all about.


3) Why do I write what I do?

I write what I do because I have to, simple as that. It’s a passion and the ideas roll out in my mind like they’re playing on a movie screen. I picture my works making it to film production eventually! I love to write and will do it at any time, pulling over the car or flipping over my grocery list to pound out the next idea. Meanwhile, my mind is always working!

4) How does my writing process work?

I try and write at least a thousand words a day, squeezed in around being a mother and a teacher. I’m disappointed in that amount and would prefer 2000.

4)How does my writing process work?
My ideas can come from anywhere! I saw a music video of a couple stopped at a red light when the girl simply got out of the car and walked away. This gave birth to “All the Little Things.” It could be a song lyric, a commercial, the image of a couple sitting on a bench, or the thought of a woman who disappeared from our town years ago and wondering what might have happened to her. Anything can set my mind running and then I have to get it down, often ripping off the beginning of a new book while I’m in the middle of another one!

Next week, Nicki Salcedo will be sending out her blog to answer the same questions after writing All Beautiful Things. To learn more about her and two, other favorite authors, look below!

Nicki Salcedo is a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in English and Creative Writing. She was born in Jamaica and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a member of Romance Writers of America© and a Past President of Georgia Romance Writers. Nicki is a two-time recipient of the Maggie Award of Excellence and a Golden Heart© Finalist.

Nicki thinks everyone should write and loves connecting with readers. Check her out at

Charles Ghigna, affectionately known as Father Goose, is a wonderful children’s poet and author of children’s books that will leave footprints on your heart! You can find more about him at

Discover Paul Boynton and the wonderful inspiration of Begin with Yes, a number one seller on His positive influence and words of encouragement will brighten your life and help you to say yes to all of the wonders within! Learn more at As soon as you meet him through his writing and powerful images, you will begin to smile!


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