A Look Inside Your Mother’s Heart

ImagePrecious. That is how I felt about you from the instant I knew you were taking shape inside of me. The first time I felt those butterfly flutters and knew you were growing. The first time I laid eyes on you, heard your cry, and held you in my arms. It was true love from the very start. You are my greatest gift, my masterpiece, my hope and joy, the one thing that I know I have done right. If I have been put on this earth for any reason, it is so that the world would get a chance to meet you. My every prayer holds you in it as I wish for only the best for you and a bright future. When I correct you, urge you to do better, or guide you to be wise when it comes to what path you will choose, it is only because I want you…and need you…to be happy. I am your champion. I will always have faith in you. Even when you make mistakes, big or small, I will be the one who believes you will learn from it and make it right. My love for you knows no bounds. On this Mother’s Day, I know you will remember me. Whether I am sitting at your table, far away, or have crossed over to the other side, know that you have always and will always live in my heart. It is wide open and waiting for you.


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