Honor Your Mother…on Mother’s Day and Every Day

ImageMother’s Day is nearly upon us, that day when we all take pause to think of that amazing woman in our lives. For me, I have three mothers to think of on this most blessed of days. My biological mother…when she was only 19, single and alone, she gave me up to adoption. I would like to believe that it was her sincere hope to give me a better life. I am grateful that she chose to give me life. My adopted mother, the only real mother I will ever know, she waited 9 months on a list and welcomed me into her home, arms, and heart alongside my father, giving the life I was meant to have by the grace of God. My mother-in-law, the woman who gave me her son, along with so many precious memories, her friendship, and her love. I honor all three…and every mother on Mother’s Day and every day. Since I became a mother myself 15 years ago, I know there is no more precious gift. If I have accomplished nothing else in my life, I have brought my beautiful boy into this world. I was his first home…I will always be his champion…and I will welcome him home with open arms when it is time to cross over to heaven. To every mother…whether you have given birth or take one of God’s creatures under your wing and into your heart…bless you!


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