Just One More Dance…


“All the Little Things” is a story that focuses on a big as they come love and a man with an even bigger heart, one who has tucked away precious memories about all the little things that matter about his sweetheart since they were children. I’ve often thought about what inspired this story and I’d have to say that my childhood played a big part and my best friend, Tucker, who roamed the lake, woods, and roads where I grew up. However, it started even that the moment my parents chose to adopt me, a tiny, premature baby who was given up at birth. The moment Stephen and Betty Pedersen brought me home, they were in love and they gave me an amazing childhood in one of the most beautiful places on God’s green earth, Ballston Lake, NY. I was able to truly be free, explore, and let my imagination soar. Through it, so many memories are interwoven like threads in a quilt, my mother and father at the heart of it. Crazy about both my parents, I can’t deny I was, and am, a Daddy’s girl. I would tag along after my father anywhere and was thrilled whenever he took me along with him. So many stories and laughs through the years. My father held me as a baby, swung me up in the air as I grew, allowed me to step on his toes as I learned to dance, set me free when it was time to soar. He was my champion, the one who saw only the best in me and believed in my limitless potential. I heard “You Look Wonderful Tonight” and it carried me back 20 years to my wedding dance with the first man I ever loved, my father. How I would love to dance with him again. I know he is watching over me now, bursting with pride and wearing a face-splitting grin, shouting out, “You did it, girl!” I’ll keep writing, Daddy, and I know that you’ll keep cheering me on.


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