Grit, Gumption and Moxie

ImageAs I climb the mountain of my dreams to become a successful, established author, there have been many slips and falls along the way. I’ll find that glorious peak is in view as something positive moves me closer…and then a nasty rejection, a setback, or self-doubt will send me back down to the bottom. It’s like any challenge in life. One of the most rewarding things I’ve learned in this whole process is that I’ve got what it takes, an unshakeable faith in myself no matter what the rest of the world says. So, every time I lose my grip, I become weary or downhearted, I pick myself up again, dust myself off, and raise my chin. Hmmm…there’s that peak again and it really isn’t that far away. When I get there, I expect I’ll be close enough to heaven that my Dad can reach down and pull me up the final leg of the journey. My good friends grit, gumption, and moxie will be there as well, pushing me every step of the way.


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