Letting the Magic of Music Carry Me Back…

ImageMoonlight Serenade is playing on Pandora and it takes me back through time. Open the door in my memory and I’m sitting with my grandfather, my Papa, as he taps his knee and the sounds of Glenn Miller swirl around us. Music from a simpler time, it is sweet and pure, does something to my soul, makes me long for yesteryear. I picture women in lovely gowns as they glide across the ballroom in the arms of dashing men in their coats with tails, bowties at their necks. To live in such a time when a man truly appreciated the glory of a woman and time stood still on the dance floor when he dipped her in his arms only to see the stars shining in her eyes. I may be in a much different day and age, but I can appreciate the way it was. Thank you to greats like Glenn Miller, who sacrificed it all in service to our country and left such a legacy, and my Papa, Carl Lewis Pedersen for leaving footprints on my heart.


Image courtesy of the great talent of Susan Ryder


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