Getting There!

ImageOn this crazy journey to becoming a successful, established author, there’s one thing I know:

The only way I will get anywhere is to refuse to stay where I am right now. If making it could depend on my moxie, I’d be there yesterday, carving my niche in the world of writing, gathering together a loyal group of followers and giving them a steady stream of comfort food for the soul for many years to come. This is my vision and I want it so badly, I can taste it. I spend a great deal of my time picturing getting there and I imagine that is how dreams come true. I will rely in the power that is in my hands, heart, and soul. I’ll continue to do what I’m doing, writing every day, surrounding myself with positive influences, and supporting others in their endeavors. I believe with each step I take on this journey, I’m getting closer. In the mean time, I’m doing my best to enjoy the ride. To all of you in pursuit of a passion, grab hold and don’t ever let go! See yourself getting where you aim to go and always set your sights high!


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