Snow Day!

ImageWhoopee! I woke up to a Winter Wonderland this morning, the snow coming down in a wall of white, ensuring there would be no school today. Nestling in my snuggly blanket, sipping at hot tea, and reading a good book, I could only think that in this moment I had perfection. Also, before any work had to be done, a philosophy in life hit me: Treat everyday like it is a snow day! Picture the wonder of a child, springing out of bed, filled with joy that there is no school and only a day of frolicking and fun ahead. Even if you no longer have snow days or never had them to begin with ( I pity you), take each day that has been given you and imagine you have a clean slate of white waiting for you, one that is filled with beauty and wonder. Happy Snow Day!


One thought on “Snow Day!

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