What Will You Do With This Year…and the Rest of Your Life?

ImageDid you make your resolutions this year? Have you kept any of them? Every year, we set ourselves up for failure, choosing faults and flaws about ourselves that are too big to fix and then we feel bad when our resolutions go by the way side.

Try something new this year. Resolve to love yourself a little bit more, to accept yourself, to forgive yourself. Once you’ve managed that, try the same approach with those around you. Remember that every day is a clean slate and get excited about picking up your piece of chalk to write the next chapter of your life. This is it, your one time around…unless  you feel the same way as Shirley MacLaine and believe you’ve been on the Merry Go Round many times. Most of us don’t have that luxury. Whether you are here for 20 years, 43 or 102, resolve to make those years count. You’re a gift. This world is a better place just because your in it. Pick your head up and believe that it is so. How’s that for a resolution?


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