I’ve Got the Bug!

ImageI’ve got the writing bug, got it bad! It set in shortly after Christmas and I’ve been pounding away at a Christmas story with two characters I have fallen in love with. It happens every time! I just want to have them move in next door so I can sit down and have a cup of coffee with them, watch them, learn the secret of a great love story. My bug is pretty serious…another story got my attention and I had to start working on that one too, just notes, but really! How can I be expected to go to work and do all of this writing? There are at least three more on a back burner. Some day…I’ll be sitting at home and can really concentrate on writing and only writing. I suppose I should be careful what I wish for…the bug could become an epidemic! On another note, I just had the opportunity to hold my book, “All the Little Things,” and savor the moment. It’s all pretty exciting to get started. I’ve got really big dreams. Surely, the bug will push me in the write direction!


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