The Writing Bug Bites Again!

ImageWhew! I’ve got three novels on a back burner, one that I’m diligently working on and close to completion, when a delightful idea for a Christmas holiday hit and that was it! I had to fire up the computer, get the characters down and the premise, get a few scenes going because they’re like scenes playing out in a movie for me! As the writing bug bites again, I can’t help but wonder where this will all go, where it will take me. I figure when there’s a fire like this lit inside, it has to mean something (or I’m a little crazy)! I have a hard time waiting to see if I will rise to the level of self expectations. In the meantime, all I can do is keep writing, hoping, and dreaming, waiting for the day that this will catch like wildfire. Until then, I simply try to enjoy the ride and hope that you do too! To all of you dreamers out there with a passion, ride on!


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