My Christmas Wish…

ImageI find I am always making wishes…on an eyelash that falls on my cheek or dandelion fluff…on a turkey wishbone at Thanksgiving and a penny tossed in a fountain anytime I pass. Back in November, I expressed a wish to my publisher that my book would be published in time for Christmas…Low an behold, it happened! My husband asked for my Christmas Wish List….I began with world peace, no hunger, and for my very good friend to be cured from cancer. Realizing he could not grant these wishes, I added a few practical items, but really I could not ask for anything more in my life. I have hopes and dreams, yet I’m so blessed.


I come back to the wishes that are beyond my reach, those that are in God’s hands, as well as the power of friends and loved ones who carry faith, hope, and love in their hearts. I hope you’ll join me this Christmas in making the impossible within reach. For all of you who have troubles of your own or see loved ones with heavy burdens, send out your wishes. It’s the season of miracles and God only knows what can happen when we all wish together. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. May your wishes come true.


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