The thrill of anticipation…and the agony of waiting!

ImageOh my goodness! My first fan that is NOT someone I know! A wonderful reader who said she loved the characters and couldn’t put my book down. Validation that these characters that people my imagination and make me fall in love every time will be enjoyed by someone else. The kindness of friends, family, and beyond as they cheer me on! Then more excitement….I’m going to speak at Career Day to the middle school students at the school where I teach about becoming a PUBLISHED author! Not the hard part…my print copies have yet to arrive. It will truly be real when I hold that book in my hands and send them out to my loved ones. My own mother doesn’t even know yet. I want it to be in her hands. I was hoping it would be here in time for Christmas…No matter what, each day brings me one step closer to realizing a dream. All the little things that have happened will take me there. Stay tuned for the day the books arrive. You should hear me scream!


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