Heidi Sprouse knows…A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes…

I woke up this morning to see a winter wonderland! A foot of snow fell overnight, transforming everything into a snow palace and all the while, a song kept going through my head…”A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re all alone…” I’ve been dreaming about my writing for so long now. Sometimes, I would share my hopes with those who were closest to me, my husband and son, a few friends as well, but most of the time I kept it to myself. 10 years of seriously writing books is a long time. 3 years ago, it became such a passion that I simply couldn’t stop. I’d pull the car over to write an idea or flip over my grocery list in the store, stay up all hours. All the while, I thought, “I have to make this happen.” I sent letter after letter, kept pounding away on my laptop until it’s letters have worn off, trying to find someone who felt the same way about my work as I do…falling in love every time they would dip in. The song, “Keep on Dreaming Even if it Breaks Your Heart,” came out and became my soundtrack. Rejection after rejection came my way, agents tearing my work apart or simply being heartless. Then I found Bell Bridge Books. I sent quite a few emails to Deb Smith, my editor and part of this amazing publishing team of a group of established, Southern writers who wanted to help other authors take flight. I was about to give up in early July of last year and sent her, “Is it time to throw in the towel?” Her response–“We’re taking three of your books!” Hardly anyone knew until “All the Little Things” was released on December 11th! Two more are coming in the spring and I’ve written about 20 novels in total. I plan on keeping a steady stream of books flowing as I carve my niche. If you look at smashwords.com, you’ll really see how far I’ve come. “Lakeside Magic” was written after my father died and is a bit rough around the edges. “Deep in the Heart of Dixie” has polish and promise. “All the Little Things” is a gem and from there, they get bigger and even better!

Thank you to everyone who has shown such an outpouring of love and support right now! My mother…who doesn’t know yet, until I can give it to her in print, always encouraged me to follow my dreams and my father…he was my biggest cheerleader. I know that he’s watching right now, dancing around and shouting, “That’s my girl!” Love ya, Daddy!


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